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       Special Occasion Candles

Please go to "services" for gel scents & colors.

Wedding Candles - We have a large selection of wedding candles that you can choose from or create your own  for your wedding or as a gift for a friend.  Choose your favorite scent and the color of hand painted flowers to go with your wedding. These can be used in the wedding, at the reception, or even as bridesmaids gifts. With the date written at the base of stemware it's a wonderful reminder of a special day.  Wedding Invitation - We can frame an invitation and paint colored flowers of the wedding "on the glass" of frame  to go with your candle order.

Personalize your candle with a wedding or  anniversary date, or the couples name, at the base of the stemware  for a very unique gift. $1.50 extra per glass

[Product Image]

  #900 - Hearts & Roses & $14.00Roses 
A sample of hand painted Hearts & Roses in mulberry, white, and gold. This is a delicate candle that can later be used as a wine glass. (Stem ware may vary.) This is wonderful in champagne glasses.
#900v (votive) $11.00

We will try to match the color/style of flowers that you will use in your wedding.

#902 - Mixed Flowers cascade down the front of champagne glass.  $14.00
 (Glass sizes may vary.) 

Or flowers can  go around the top of the glass 
#901v (votive) $11.00


#905 -
Heart Shaped Bowl   $15.00
Heart Shaped bowl with roses inside. (One candle burns in the center in it's own container so the roses in the outside container always stay nice.)   
We can use other flowers as well.


We took this wedding invitation, framed it, and then painted the color of flowers used in the wedding on the glass. The same flowers  match the champagne glass candles.
see other sample

# 2000 Wedding Invitation  with 
Candles to match


Anniversary & Birthday Candles - 
Mother's Day & Father's Day Candles -  Any Special Occasion...
You can choose just about any candle from any category, we will personalize it by painting names & dates of these special occasions, which will give you a very special - one of a kind gift.