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Specialty Candles 

Please go to "services" for 
gel scents & colors.

We hand dip items for specialty candles that are placed in  the outer part of bowl that will last a very long time, because that part of candle never burns.  There is a votive size glass in the center filled with your favorite scent of gel. The center is the only part of the candle that will burn; therefore, leaving the decorative, hand dipped items untouched and looking nice for years to come. 

Other "Hand Dipped Items", such as apples, sunflowers, mixed fruit, magnolias, candy corn, and poinsettia's, are available, or contact Nancy's Wicks if you have a special request and we will see if we can make it for you.

[Product Image]
Other candles made with different flowers
are available!
#3000 - Sunflowers $30.00
#3002 - Apples, pine cones, potpourri, sliced apples - 1candle $22.00 (*see Thanksgiving)
#3003 - same as #3002 with 3 candles  $25.00*
#3004 - Magnolia $25.00
#3005 - Mixed fruit $25.00*
#3006 - Poinsettia, leaves, & berries  $20.00 (see Christmas)


Sample of Hand 
Dipped Candle

# 3001 # 7001 -Yellow Roses  $20.00

These yellow roses look so real you will think they were just freshly cut!  Pick your favorite color of rose and gel scent. (These make a nice center piece for reception tables, as well as using in your home.)

You can now have your favorite drink as a candle. Choose from a Margarita, Martini (with real olives inside gel), beer mug with gel as foam, or let us know the favorite drink you would like to have recreated as a candle. I can do for you. 






#4001 - Martini w/olives  $13.00
#4002 - Beer Mug  $13.00

Sample of 
Drink Specials

#4000 - Margarita with gel as salt

Made with a Mixed Berry scent, this smells and looks good enough to drink! Makes a wonderful gift.

This is still under construction; more candles will be online in a few days.  Please check back with us.  In the meantime, if there is a candle you wish to have, please contact our Sales on the Contact page.