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Everyone loves candles and they make wonderful gifts for not only females that love candles, but men as well.

Nancy's Wicks are affordable candle creations for all occasions.  Hand painted glass containers filled with top quality gel, mixed to give you the color and scent which is custom to your sense of style.  NOW AVAILABLE: Hand painted Bottle Candles and Just Bottles.

Nancy's Wicks has a large selection of candles, Bottle Candles, Just Bottles, already designed for every occasion.  Just browse our catalog pages in order to view the different pre-created creations that many customers have enjoyed

Custom Created
We can create candles & Bottle Candles from your photos, business cards, sports logos or many other venues and varieties.  Each product is hand-painted to match the picture of your choice. (These may vary in cost depending upon how detailed the painting may be.)  Please specify if you have a specific date you need for delivery.

Candle Shapes and Sizes
Candles:  There are a variety of glass bowls, stem wear and custom shaped glass ware. (Some shapes/sizes may depend upon availability.) Bottle Candles:  I have a large selection of bottles collected, but you are more than welcome to furnish your own.

Gel Colors and Scents (for candles only)
  Some of the candle creations are better viewed with clear gel, but we are more than willing to add the color of your choice to create your very special candle. 
Choose from the following list of colors:
  Purple (P), Orange (O), Peach (PE), Yellow (Y), Red (R), Green (G), Clear (C), Apricot (A), Blue (B), Wine (W), Pink (PK), Teal (T).  Candles with items inside are made with clear gel.

Scents:  We have a wonderful list of scents to choose from. We can also create candles with "no scent" for those who have allergies or are sensitive to different aromas - you can still enjoy the beauty of the candle. 
Choose from the following list of scents:
   Apple Pie (AP), Butter Cream (BC),  Cinnamon (C), Home for the Holidays (HH), Jasmine (J), Lavender (L), Melon (M), Mixed Berry (MB), Morning Dew (MD), Peach (PE), Peppermint (P), Pine (PN), Rose (R), Strawberry (S), Vanilla (V), Winter Berry (WB).