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    Special Occasion Candles
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                     gel scent & colors.         

Wedding Candles - We have a large selection of wedding candles that you can choose from or create your own wedding candle for your wedding or as a gift for a friend.  Choose your favorite scent and the color of hand painted flowers to go with your wedding. These can be used in the wedding, at the reception, or even as bridesmaids gifts. With the date written at the base of stemware it's a wonderful reminder of a special day.          Visit the "Bottle Candles" page for wedding wine bottles.  
(Stemware may vary - see samples on next page.)

[Product Image]   #900 - Hearts & Roses

A sample of hand painted Hearts & Roses in mulberry, white, and gold. This is a delicate candle that can later be used as a wine glass. (Stem ware may vary.)
Baby Candles - There are a few theme candles you can choose from that have been pre-created, but if you have a specific theme, please contact us and we'll make every effort to design a candle with your theme.  This is a wonderful gift...with the baby's name, birth date, weight & height written on the candle...it's a keepsake that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

# 1000 -Bumblebee Baby Candle w/mixed flowers  $25.00

Flowering vines, mixed flowers, small butterfly’s, and bumblebees are the basic part of this candle. Add the baby’s name, birth date, height and weight and you have a very special, 
one of a kind gift






Anniversary & Birthday Candles - 
Mother's Day & Father's Day Candles-
You can choose just about any candle from any category, we will personalize it by putting names & dates of these special occasions, which will give you a very special - one of a kind gift.