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Just                    Just Bottles 


My client had just painted her living room/dining room using a deep orange and olive green. The colors in the bottle  really makes this stand out in the room. The edges are blended with several deep colors and then lightly highlighted with gold.

#JB2001 - Amaretto

The bottle to your left was painted to go in a specific living room using these colors which accent the color of the walls.     

 Below, just the bottle without the label... 

  Close up



Hearts & Roses gracefully cascade down & around this Tequila Bottle. Choose a color of your choice of roses to make this a one of a kind.


  #JB2002 - 
 Hearts & Roses

Close up of top of bottle

Close up of bottom of bottle

Painted grapes adorn this olive oil  bottle which will look great sitting on your counter (and easy to  reach when cooking). Put a pour spout in the top and it  becomes a beautiful table container you can use for your favorite oil/season mix (that you use for dipping your bread)

Let us know if you have a special request for a subject other than grapes


#JB 2003
- Olive Oil Bottle with grapes 

Grapes are painted all the way around the bottle with different colored grapes.


New designs will be added to this site soon. Just Bottles Pg 2

This is still under construction; more candles will be online in a few days.  Please check back with us.  In the meantime, if there is a candle you wish to have, please contact our Sales on the Contact page.