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#JB200 - Race Car
$30.00 (price may vary depending upon  picture of car)

The bottle to your left was made for a race fan for his 50th birthday. Surprise the special  person in your life with a race car bottle with Happy Birthday and date on the bottle.   

 A NASCAR bottle could be done as well. This particular fan was a formula one fan.

Roses & Calla Lilies
Red Bottle


You can choose the color of roses, calla lilies and ribbon you'd like to use in this bottle. 
Make it special.

#JB2005 - 
Roses & Calla Lilies
 Red Bottle

 We can't guarantee the color or shape of bottle, but will do our best to find what you are looking for. If you have a specific bottle you could send to us and we'll paint and send back to you.
Close up of bottom of bottle


White Winter House

This home looks so warm and comfy that you will want to stay all bundled up inside on a cold winters day. And why not have a bottle candle of your very own home and let it shine.


#JB 2006 - A White Winter House $50.00
(very detailed)

*Left side of house has regular trees with snow. **The right side of house has evergreen trees with snow.

#JB 2007 - Log Cabin painted from picture.  $50.00 (price may vary depending on your photo furnished) Painted on a large bottle, this scene wraps around most of the bottle. (Photo was furnished.) Photo was furnished.)                      
...bottle shows right side of cabin.

.... bottle shows left side of 

Maybe we can paint your home on a bottle?

This  ctioNew designs will be added on a regular basis.; more candles will be online in a few days.  Please check back with us.  In the meantime, if there is a candle you wish to have, please contact our Sales on the Contact page.