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Bottle Candles 

Bottle Candles  (uses  lamp oil - not a regular candle)
 We paint on different shapes and colors of wine bottles. (No guarantee on bottle size, shape or color unless you specify, and willing to pay  for, the  purchase of wine to get the specific bottle that you want.) You can pour  lamp oil inside, place the bottle candle topper in the top, and you have a special wine bottle candle. If you have a special occasion where you will have a special toast, wouldn't it be nice to save the bottle, have it painted for the special occasion and then be able to use again and again...lighting up wonderful memories? Very nice for weddings, anniversaries, company promotions, birthdays, and etc. Or, some people just like to order bottle candles because they like the art, shape and color of the bottles. (Paintings on empty bottles unless otherwise discussed in advance.)


View Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Bottle Candles.

This bottle candle was made to go with a clients carpet colors & design.

large bottle $40.00
mid size bottle $35.00

#BC1001 - Multi Colored Grapes
large bottle $40.00
mid size bottle $35.00
(includes brass bottle topper)

Notice the candle on the left has a bottle topper lit to make a wonderful bottle candle.  Or just use the cork in top of bottle (center bottle) and place on a mantle, shelf, or with your wine collection as a decorative piece.

#BC1001gf - Multi Colored Grapes & Flowers  
(includes brass bottle topper)

Just Bottles  (also holiday, custom - your home)
Other bottles can be painted, but might not have a bottle topper that fits in the top of bottle to turn into a bottle candle. These would be for decoration only.  you. 

(includes brass bottle topper)


#BC1002 - Wine and Roses
large bottle $50.00
price varies depending on design)

The roses painted on this wine bottle are similar to a brides bouquet used in a wedding. Save your champagne or wine bottle from your wedding, send a picture of your bouquet, and we'll create a beautiful bottle candle just for you. 

#BC1003 - Calla Lilies and Roses  
mid size bottle $40.00

Calla Lilies are used in weddings and home decor more and more.  Here you see a sample of two different colored bottles and different colored flowers to accent the Calla Lilies.  Choose the color of flowers and bow.

large round bottle on left  $50.00

large  bottle on right  $40.00
Bottles can be painted to go with a piece of your dinnerware, pots (example of old bean pot to your right), china, and etc.

#BC1004 - Mixed Flowers with white lacy bow. 

Mixed Flower Bottle Candle with 
painted bean pot.

This is still undNEXT PAGEer construction; more candles will be online in a few days.  Please check back with us.  In the meantime, if there is a candle you wish to have, please contact our Sales on the Contact page.